Start taking online bookings and payments for your services

Improved Efficiency = Reduced costs

Flexible Reservations

Check availability and book online with our flexible reservation system.

Automatic Invoicing

Create customised invoices automatically for your customers

Online Payments

Allow customers to pay online and invoices to be updated automatically. Retain flexibility to take BACS and cash payments.

Helpful Reporting

Simple, flexible reports for cleaners, managers and accounts personnel.

Flexible reservations

Managing the booking of facilities can often be a labour intensive process. If your system involves manually checking availability, assessing basic online or paper form submissions, raising invoices and collecting payment manually then you are on the edge of a revolution…

With Red Jet you can reduce costs and improve efficiency by automating much of this process.

However, automation does not mean you have to lose control. Our systems are flexible enough to enable you to keep control where you need it (like confirming a reservation before an invoice in raised) and give control to your customers where possible to save you time.

For all our facility booking solutions Red Jet partners with Planyo.

Automatic invoicing

Once your customers are able to check availability and make a booking request (or confirmation) online then an invoice will need to be raised. Our invoicing system enables you to either generate an invoice automatically or for your administrator to create an invoice after checking the booking is correct. Our invoice templates are flexible and able to deduct payments already made off the outstanding balance.

The invoice can be automatically emailed to your customer or you can print and post the invoice in the traditional fashion

Online Payments

Your customised invoice and/or reminder emails can include a payment link enabling your customer to make a secure online payment on a credit or debit card. We are able to recommend a merchant or, within reason, use a merchant of your choice. Payments made via the online checkout will be added to your customers record and deducted automatically from the balance of their invoice. However, don’t worry if some of your customers wish to continue paying by BACS or in cash as these payments can be quickly added to the system and the invoices updated automatically for your customer.

Helpful Reporting

With all your booking information now recorded accurately in a database you will be able to produce simple and detailed reports for your managers and staff. These reports range from a simple calendar of bookings for your cleaner, a sales report for your managers, payment reports and overdue invoice lists for your accounts personnel.

The Data can also be extracted into spreadsheet format for further analysis if you wish.

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