We can help you to the perfect web presence

Your new website begins here


Understanding your business is our priority. By understanding you, your customers and your aspirations, we can then start to design your perfect website.


Engagement is key, our designs are geared to ensure your customers love your website. It is also vital that the design stage includes a plan for all platforms (desktop, mobile, etc).


This is when the magic happens! Our development team will bring our ideas to life, ensuring beautiful presentation, lightening speed and ultimately optimal conversion rates.

Test & Launch

Before we go live we will test your site extensively, we also encourage you to join in. Following testing we will ‘go live’ and you can start to enjoy the benefits!

Custom Design & Development

At Red Jet we know your website performance is critical.

Red Jet offers bespoke web solutions for companies who need the very best performance from their website.

Whether your website is brochure style or full eCommerce, with our knowledge your website will blow the competition away. We commence every project by gaining a full understanding of your requirements as well as a detailed analysis of your competition. Customer engagement is key, we ensure that your site engages the customer from first impressions through to order placement. This engagement is achieved through using the latest technology to deliver rocket fuelled website performance where customer usability is paramount. With the latest technology and techniques we craft your site so that it looks beautiful and works perfectly whether your customer is using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop display. This gives you the very best chance of converting your visitors into customers.

Red Jet can provide a no obligation free assessment of your needs. To find out the possibilities contact us now.

Search Engine Optimisation

Most of us access search engines on a daily basis. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) makes sure that your website is sending the most effective message to search engines. This way we can ensure that when a potential customer searches, they find you first.

SEO is vital, it opens the door to the internet and often provides the most cost effective route to increasing your site traffic.

Red Jet plan the SEO side of your website right from the beginning so we can be sure the major search engines know what your site is all about. This ‘on page’ optimisation is the first stage in persuading search engines that your site is relevant. Red Jet also provide ‘off page’ optimisation which harnesses 3rd party websites in giving a consistent message about your brand across the web.

Mobile & Tablet friendly

Mobile devices are not the same as desktop or laptop machines. Screen sizes are substantially smaller and connection speeds variable. We need to make sure that not only does your site look great on any screen size but also that the site operates at lightning speed.

This optimisation can be achieved with crystal clear still or moving images. Optimising can include techniques such as loading the visible part of the page first. This means your customers can start engaging with your company even before the web page has finished loading.

In tests reducing page load time by just 5 seconds resulted doubled the conversion rate.

Red Jet will produce a free report on your website performance, showing how effective it is on various devices.

Red Jet can then work out the best way of improving the experience for your customers.

Conversions are king

Our websites focus on conversions, be it from visitor to enquiry, visitor to order or customer retention.

Improving your conversion rate enables you to get more from your existing website visitors. This can be one of the most cost effective ways of improving your business bottom line

Content Management Systems

Content managed systems (CMS) are a must, your website content has to move with the times and our CMS systems enable you to update your content yourselves only needing basic word processor style skills. The interface is designed to be intuitive but Red Jet will also provide your team training so you can get the most of out of your website

Unlike others, we can also give you piece of mind that your final website, content, CMS and code is owned by you.

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