Know when your customers need you

Analytics on rocket fuel

Visitor Fingerprinting

Your internet finger print is unique. Tracking your visitors with more than just cookies provides vastly improved goal analysis.

Cross device tracking

Track your visitors across multiple devices without them logging in. Sound impossible? Not for Red Jet.

CRM Integration

Individual visitor behaviour can be pushed directly into your CRM. Call your customers just at the right time.

Attribution Reporting

With individual private user tracking, your marketing cost attribution reporting becomes all powerful.

Analytics is the beginning

Website analytics provide great statistics however, there’s something missing…

Conventional analytics only tell half the story.

What if you could know exactly who is visiting your website and what they looked for? Your human finger prints are unique, your internet finger print is just as unique.

What if you could attribute all sales to the original keywords used to find you in google? Even sales that were not ordered via your website such as the telephone or face to face sales?

What if a ‘dead’ sales lead could be automatically resurrected in your CRM when that potential customer visited your website?

Next level tracking

Businesses who offer high value products or services with 1-2-1 sales contact need to know more about their web visitors. Our tools enable you to track users more closely producing more accurate data which can stimulate specific sales actions and vastly improved reporting.

We achieve this by tracking individual user sessions beyond what is normally possible with conventional analytics solutions. We use a combination of the following techniques.

  • Creating unique digital finger prints for visitors
  • Tracking user IP addresses
  • Tracking user keyboard inputs
  • Tracking user interactions with website applications

Direct Sales Actions

Red Jet’s analytics platform tracks users on an individual level without the user logging in. This means that the analytics data collected is useful not only an a statistical level but also on an individual level.

The next step is to take this user data and push it automatically into your customer relationship management software (CRM). This can then stimulate automated emails or actions for your sales team. The system is so powerful you can enable your sales people to call customers with direct knowledge of the products they looked at on your site. Additionally you can prompt a sales action to contact a prospective customer who had previously been marked as ‘dead’ who has just visited your website.

Imagine this, a sales team with apparently psychic abilities able to meet your customers needs exactly when they need them.

Enhanced Reporting

Companies with a 1-2-1 sales process frequently base web analytics systems on a set of goals related to contact forms or ‘on-page’ time. This is because the actual end goal (the sale) has historically been impossible to tie to the web visitor. Red Jet creates this link, we track individual users and link success to actual sales rather than ‘proxy’ goals. This gives enhanced reporting which shines a light onto your marketing spend in a way not previously achievable. This enables better decisions, allowing you to increase marketing spend on elements which are actually delivering and cut back in areas which are not.

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