Website speed improves sales

Fast = Revenue

We all know that slow websites can be frustrating but website speed is about so much more. It is now commonly accepted that website speed is one of the single most important factors when accessing visitor satisfaction. Fast website = Increased Revenue Do I need website rocket fuel? Web presence is no longer just about visibility, when customers arrive on your site, seamless loading and processing times are a must if you are to avoid customers slipping away. A web page loading speed greater than 2 seconds will put off the majority of potential customers from making a purchase. In tests an increase of 5 seconds in page load resulted in a 50% decrease in conversion rate. Not only will a slow website experience cause the majority of smartphone uses to abandon the visit, almost half of them will never darken your door again.

Search Engines love speed

Page load speed is now a key factor when the main search providers determine where to show your page in rankings. They routinely assesses site performance on not only desktop but also mobile platforms, it is critical that your website is optimised for all major platforms as this is exactly what the main search engines are looking for. Websites which offer a poor experience mobile devices will be penalised in mobile search rankings. What next?

Red Jet offers a free no obligation site speed health check. We can tell you how well your website performs on a number of key metrics.

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