Simple low cost solutions to protect your business

What does it mean?

We all know how important your business website and email are. We also all know how important it is for customers to trust your brand.

So imagine the nightmare when you web domain and IP address gets added to the lists of international spam and malware monitors? These lists exist to protect internet users from malicious websites and spam. Being listed will lead to your emails being rejected by many of your customer’s email hosts and access to your website being blocked by customer’s anti-malware and anti-virus software.

This type of problem is serious and requires an urgent resolution before your brand suffers irreparable damage. Speed is of the essence.


The first and most important step is to determine the cause of your blacklisting. This can be the result of your website being compromised or your IP address being abused by hackers.

The specific cause may not be immediately obvious, it is common for the attackers to leave your web server operating apparently normally. This enables them to prolong the abuse of your resources.

Red Jet can provide a low cost assessment of your server to determine the likely source of the problem. We can then provide options as to how the issue can be removed.

Once the cause of the blacklisting has been eradicated it is then possible to request your domain and IP address to be reconsidered and removed from the blacklist. Red Jet have working relationships with a large number of these monitoring companies which usually facilitates a rapid response.

Once the issue has been resolved, Red Jet can provide on going monitoring and security services to minimise the possibility of a reoccurrence.

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