We can make your systems more secure

Security Basics

Online fraud costs the UK economy over £10 billion per year. Poor security has enabled identify theft, credit card fraud, email spam and spyware issues to become rife.

Proper security doesn’t have to be expensive but will put a stop to the majority of attacks. The attackers deploy a wide range of techniques to infiltrate your server but most of these techniques are simple to prevent.

Red Jet can assess your online applications, website and server for security vulnerabilities, we can provide a low cost report highlighting any issues and the steps you may need to take.

Security Services

Our security audits and solutions cover the following areas:-

  • Website platform security patches/upgrades
  • Checkout security reviews/upgrades
  • Repairing hacked servers
  • Blacklist removal and server repairs
  • Code injection
  • Server permissions and access control

Ensuring your site remains secure will not only save you money but also give your customers confidence that their personal data is safe in your hands.

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