One size doesn't fit all

One size does not fit all

Mobile devices are not the same as desktop or laptop machines.

Screen sizes are substantially smaller and connection speeds variable. We need to make sure that not only your site looks great on any screen size but also that the site operates at lightning speed. This optimisation can be achieved with crystal clear still or moving images. Optimisation can also includes techniques such as loading the visible part of the page first. This means your customers can start engaging with your company while the rest of the page continues to load in the background.

Lightning Performance

In this mobile world responsive web design must come as standard. A responsive site ensures that zooming and horizontal scrolling is eliminated whatever the screen size.

For true mobile optimisation the work is done behind the scenes, areas include:-

  • Above the fold prioritisation
  • Compression implementation
  • Code optimisation
  • Image optimisation
  • Browser caching control

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