Does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

Building a website of any size can be an arduous process. The majority of effort is usually put into making sure everything looks and functions correctly. This is especially important for e-commerce websites given the increased complexity. However, what are you doing to protect your website and your visitors? Does your website have an SSL certificate?SSL certificates provider encryption between your website and your visitors, this prevents hackers ‘listening’ to secure contact information which may be passing between. This is a highly effective additional layer of protection which ensures your customer’s communication with your site remains secure. To date, SSL certificates have typically been premium-priced features reserved for the payment pages of ecommerce websites.  However, this has now all changed…Google chrome will soon be displaying the insecure nature of all non SSL websites (ecommerce or not).  Google is also now factoring in website security when determining natural search page rankings.This means that all websites benefit directly from having an SSL certificate installed on your web server.Red Jet can provide this service for a low cost providing ongoing protection for your site and your customers.

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