Magento v2 Launch

After five years of development, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms finally received a new major update. Aside from numerous newly introduced features and refinements, Magento 2 is not just a successor to the original version, Magento 1. Instead, the new version is a complete overhaul of the original software which results in greatly improved performance, ease of use, and improved scalability. Among numerous notable features, Magento 2 brings CSS pre-processing which results in vastly improved page load times. In addition, the new update allows up to 10 million page views per hour and up to 90,000 product orders per hour. When it comes to visual updates, e-commerce store owners can now take advantage of videos to showcase their products. Customers can also count on user-friendlier checkout process, including guest checkouts and an automatic recognition of registered users. Magento 2 brings an overhauled framework that works superbly on mobile devices. This kind of mobile responsiveness is imperative these days since e-commerce platforms are notoriously difficult to use on a smartphone or tablet. Visit Magento’s website for a detailed list of new features and improvements.

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