We are Red Jet

At Red Jet we strive to understand how your business works.

Our digital marketing solutions seek to provide clarity to facilitate great decision making enabling your business to reach it’s next level of success.

Red Jet Security solutions ensure that your online data and applications stay secure. Specialising in security enables us to keep our clients fully up to date, utilising the latest technology and protocols to maximise resistance to any unauthorised access.
We provide web development and online marketing services from our base in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Web Design & Development

Customer engagement is key, we ensure that your site engages the customer from first impressions through to order placement. This engagement is achieved through using the latest technology to deliver rocket fuelled website performance where customer usability is paramount. With the latest technology and techniques we craft your site so that it looks beautiful and works perfectly whether your customer is using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop display. This gives you the very best chance of converting your visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing

Our online marketing campaigns are built to get the word out about your business. These are likely to include per-per-click advertising, email direct marketing and social media. The campaigns will aim capture genuine new business prospects and to reinforce your brand and ethos. From our base in Loughborough, Leicestershire we have a transparent approach so you can see exactly how your campaign is working. We focus on return on investment utilising demographic targeting and general campaigns. We track the engagement and online conversions of new and existing customers

Speed Optimisation

We all know that slow websites can be frustrating but website speed is about so much more. It is now commonly accepted that website speed is one of the single most important factors when accessing visitor satisfaction. Fast website = Increased Revenue Web presence is no longer just about visibility, when customers arrive on your site, seamless loading/processing times are a must if you are to avoid customers slipping away. A web page loading speed greater than 2 seconds will put off the majority of potential customers from purchasing from you. In tests an increase of 5 seconds in page load resulted in a 50% decrease in conversion rate.

Visitor Fingerprint Tracking

What if you could attribute all sales to the original keywords used to find you in google? Even sales that were not ordered via your website such as the telephone or face to face sales? What if a ‘dead’ sales lead could be automatically resurrected in your CRM when that potential customer visited your website. Most business owners and digital marketing agencies accept the limitations of website analytics. You don’t need to accept these limitations. When you really understand web traffic analytics then you know the statistics raise many more questions than they answer. From our base in Loughborough, Leicestershire we can provide clarity to analytics.